Wedding Reception Songs: The #1 mistake couples make

Congratulations! The Wedding Ceremony went off without a hitch and now everybody is in high spirits after some memorable speeches over dinner at the reception venue.

Now its the fun part of the night where everyone can join in and let their hair down – time to hit the dance floor!

But something’s not quite right…

The band is 15 minutes into their set. Why is everyone just standing around? Why aren’t people dancing?

What happened to the vibe?

Having a band clear a dance floor is something that you’ve no doubt seen happen time and time again.

The #1 mistake we’ve seen Couples make when choosing Wedding Reception Songs is they choose music they like, not what the night needs.

The right music has the ability to lift a night to new heights or ruin a vibe like nothing else.

Wedding reception songs are actually quite challenging to choose because typically there are people from all ages and generations present. Selecting music that will encourage one and all to get up on the dance floor is not as simple as it sounds.

You don’t want the older generation feeling left out or the younger crowd turning their noses up. Having a broad and all-inclusive set of music can have every guest in the room up singing and dancing along with tunes everyone knows.

For example…

There is nothing like dancing with your favourite Auntie and belting out “Hound Dog” with your grandmother to make a wedding reception complete.

Sure you don’t have to play the “Chicken Dance”, and of course rule out the songs you just don’t like, but don’t be afraid of the cheese. Everyone loves the cheese. The song by Leo Sayer “You make Me Feel like Dancing” is cheesy but everyone loves dancing and singing and generally clowning around to a song like this.

When choosing your Wedding Reception Songs remember: don’t just choose songs you like, choose songs that the night needs!

Don’t risk ruining the vibe of your wedding reception!

Let Sugashak take your night exactly where it needs to go!


One Response to “Wedding Reception Songs: The #1 mistake couples make”

  1. Lauren Abbott on August 1st, 2010 3:56 pm

    WOW! Thanks for the insight SugaShak.

    This is SO helpful because…
    I have a friend named Ben Smith that I always have a struggle getting onto the dance floor at weddings. I thought it was just that he didn’t want to dance with me but maybe it was the poor choice of songs by the bride. What a relief!

    Silky red dresses, long fringes, knitted vests = LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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